Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sort Of a Good Experience Sandwich

It's fall which means it's time for flu shots! I can't think of a better way to spend my time than holding my precious child down on an examination table while a stranger stabs him in the leg and injects him with pharmaceutical soup.

That being said, it's necessary because I'd rather have two seconds of terror for him than a week of vomiting, chills, and wretchedness for both of us. I'm a big picture kind of gal.

To make it more bearable for Monster, I took him to his favorite playground right after I picked him up from the babysitter's. I let him run around and go down slides and swing and kick a ball around and lie down on the ground face down. He even left without a fight. Why? Because I told him we had one quick stop to make and then we would go out for ice cream! You know, sort of a good experience sandwich.

And, btw, it totally worked. He had ice cream for dinner and a hot dog and peaches for dessert. I'm certain those are the parts he'll remember. At least I hope so.

The title of this post and the phrase "sort of a good experience sandwich" came from a Facebook thread started by my dear friend and fellow blogger, Megan. She posted how she got her daughter a flu shot and immediately treated her to fruit snacks and her favorite DVD. Not to be outmommed, I planned before AND after activities. So there Megan! You can read more about Megan's adventures here at Motherhood of the Toddling Pants. And I recommend that you do because she's actually a good writer. I've been jealous of her skills since we met working at that small town and now defunct newspaper.


  1. Our flu shot clinic always coincides with the Enola Pumpkin Festival, so we have something special to do. The boys take shots too well. My oldest, creepily, seems to like them.

  2. Ahh, backwards dinner, I see! Well played.

  3. Wow, thanks for the nice cyberprops! If it's any consolation, I sincerely envy your writing style as well. I'm glad you are blogging so the world (or at least your corner of it) can appreciate your snarky whimsy. :)

  4. I thought you'd be impressed b/c about 5 minutes after I told you that was my next post title, I sent you the link to it. I'm more of a speed writer which is why I forget to mention important things, like where I got the phrase 'sort of a good experience sandwich.' You use beautiful prose and I can tell you actually think about what you write.