Friday, October 21, 2011

Dating? Yeah, I don't think so

Recetly I've been feeling like I might be ready to start dating. I have this mega crush on a very good friend of mine and was thinking to myself, this could work! We've tried the dating thing before and we do ok for a while until he realizes that I'm an empty shell with nothing left to give anyone. So, I've been kind of bummed thinking about how he probably doesn't like me like that and blah blah high school stuff blah.

Then this morning happened and as I was running around like an idiot trying to get Monster out from underneath his crib so I could get him dressed and out the door so that maybe I could get to work on time (note: that didn't happen), I realized, logistically there is no way for me to have a relationship. And strangely, that made me feel better.


  1. Ehh, don't cut yourself off at the start. You never know. Any guy worth your time will be ready and willing to accommodate life with a little Monster!

  2. I don't think I can accommodate anyone EXCEPT Monster. It just feels like there's no room left.