Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Not To Wear

Despite the predictions for snow this week, I can still feel spring is in the air. The signs are everywhere. My car gets warmed by the sun while sitting in the parking lot all day. I don’t need to wear my scarf. I still dread getting out of bed in the morning but only because I'm tired, not because it's freezing cold out there.

While I welcome these changes, I’m still having issues because I’m not sure how to dress Monster. It’s two different worlds from morning until evening. And, of course, he’s inside running around with his little cohorts all day. That's three different dressing situations daily!

I’m always cold but I don’t think Monster inherited that disposition from me. At night, he pushes the covers off while I sleep in full sweat suit plus socks underneath several blankets and a comforter. During the day, I’m using a space heater and sometimes a blanket. He’s running around in a t-shirt. Choosing his clothes is difficult enough for me but throw in this wacky weather and I’m at a complete loss.

I like layers but that’s not easy on a toddler, especially mine who is entering Terrible Two territory and fights me on EVERYTHING.

In between seasons is also an in between size time for us. Monster is sporting some flood pants, but he’s too small for the next size and I don’t want to buy him any long pants right now because who knows how he’ll grow in the coming months? I guess I’m putting too much emphasis on fashion here but I know how people are judging me for what my kid is wearing and it’s easy to get caught up in sometimes. Of course, next to me, no matter what my kid is wearing, he looks like a fashion superstar.

What do you do this time of the year when it’s bitter cold in the mornings and seasonal in the evenings?

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  1. i've been doing a onesie, a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt in the mornings. then she can pull off the sweatshirt later, and inevitably her socks so she's a little cooler.