Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I used to have a life. I used to go out to dinner. I used to cook elaborate meals. I used to bake wonderful goodies. And now I mostly make mac and cheese and fish sticks.

But I’m trying, people. I’m trying to expand the Monster’s culinary horizons while making sure he doesn’t starve to death in protest. I’m trying to lose the baby weight (is it still baby weight after two years? Toddler weight maybe?) and still eat the foods that I like. I’d say I’m finding my balance and then something happens that throws a big ol’ monkey wrench in the works.

Click over to Dishing on Dishes (where I’m known as Em Chilada, foodie extraordinaire) to read more.


  1. Me and my friend Julie used to meet at Mr Deli (and Mrs too!.... seriously, I think that is part of the name) for lunch until we got different jobs. I love their BLTs. mmmmmmmmm

    I make popscicles with yogurt or juice. If they won't eat anything else, they usually will have that.

    Sorry, I couldn't post on Dishing on Dishes because I can't just use my dang name. :)

  2. And now I'm hungry for a BLT.
    I used to get the Challah french toast but Weight Watchers does NOT approve of that.