Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Terrible Two's Are Aptly Named

I know they’re out there lurking. The Terrible Two’s. It’s already beginning with the Monster. The kicking and hitting, the high-pitched screaming when he’s frustrated. I recognize that this is part of life with a toddler. But what I can’t come to terms with is, why is he only like this with me? I mean, if the Two’s are so terrible, then shouldn’t everyone be affected?

Gone are the sweet mornings filled with snuggling and laughter. They have been replaced with mood swings and violence. He learned the Bicycle Stretch from Sprout’s Goodnight Show and is now using it as a way to kick me in the face faster than ever before. Yet he’ll fall asleep on the couch with Dad while I’m in the shower. He struggles against me when I’m getting him out of the car to go into the babysitter’s, but he runs to her and embraces her as soon as we step through the door. I get him a nice cup of juice, he angrily swats it out of my hand.

What gives Monster? Why’s it gotta be like that? Shouldn’t he be a teenager before he starts treating me like crap? I thought I’d have more time to prepare.

Talking to my Mommy Network has yielded several different theories:
He’s testing me to make sure I’ll love him no matter what.
He’s frustrated because he lacks the language skills to communicate what he wants.
I’m a terrible parent.

Whatever the cause, I’m just keeping my chin up and, at the same time, protected from his already amazing right hook until he turns three. What’s that? Oh, you say age three is even worse? Awesome.

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  1. Damn you, Nina and your wholesome stretching!!!!!

    People put on a different face outside the home. When my oldest was going through his crying nonstop phase, he was a delight everywhere else. One person even called him "jolly."

    Three is not worse. It is better.