Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Post Isn't Funny

When I came into work this morning, I was greeted by an email from the future president of the company stating that the son of one our co-workers was in the hospital and no one knew what was wrong with him. He was found listless and then had several severe seizures.

I’ve talked to this co-worker about his kids. He and his wife adopted two children from China. Their son has had developmental issues his entire life. I think they knew he had them and still adopted him and had made great strides with him through therapy and love and time. Even with his history, no one expected this and I can only imagine what the family has been going through waiting for test results that will hopefully provide answers. Throughout the day news trickled in, news that some ailments had been ruled out as causes. It’s not meningitis; it’s not a brain tumor – all good news.

Stories like this terrify me. One second our kids seem indestructible – just needing a kiss on their boo-boo and then they’re back running full tilt. It seems implausible that inside them, where we can’t see, something could be really wrong. I don’t know how I would handle Monster being seriously sick as it breaks my heart to see him with the sniffles.

I am thankful that my co-worker’s son has the parents he has – ones who went half way around the world to make him their son. They’ve already proven they would go to the ends of the earth for him.

Thoughts and prayers are with them and with all our kids. Hug ‘em tight y’all.


  1. It's very hard as a parent not to be perpetually paralyzed by the fear of something bad happening to one's child/children. It's a difficult game of acknowledging the possibility and then mentally shelving it. And even harder for us anxiety-prone types. ;) Keep us updated!

  2. He was released from the hospital and put on some anti seizure meds. If they work, then the diagnosis is epilepsy. If it doesn't work . . . I guess it's back to square one.