Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is There Anything Worse Than A Sick Child?

I say "nay."

When Monster was a week old, he had a bad case of the jaundice which required us to get a UV blanket (not covered by insurance, those greedy bastards) and blood draws about every other day. Newborns get blood drawn from their precious little feet and it is horrific to watch someone take 20 minutes to draw the tiny amount of blood needed to check for whatever it is they're checking for. The first blood draw was a doozy but it got progressively easier.

Then Monster started getting ear infections. Enough that we had to get tubes surgically implanted. That poor, sweet pathetic baby waking up confused and in pain from anesthesia was just about more than I thought my heart could take.

Even just your run of the mill everyday little colds and viruses that a toddler in daycare will inevitably get are enough to bring me to my knees. My son is so very pathetic when he's sick. He's lethargic and just wants to be held. His eyes swell with tears when I get up to go to the bathroom without him. Asking him if he wants to eat or drink something is as upsetting to him as if I killed his puppy or something. (That's pure speculation b/c I have never, nor will I ever, kill a puppy.) And God forbid I want to watch something other than Caillou. Even the mere suggestion of Special Agent Oso or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cues the waterworks. And his tears spur my tears and then we're just a couple of pathetic crybabies hugging on the couch and watching DVR'd episdoes of a Canadian cartoon.

Luckily this little bout of illness sped by. It was about two days. I chalk that up to the fact that I don't give him Tylenol or Motrin for a fever anymore. The pediatrician told me that ibuprofen will actually halt the healing antibodies from moving to the virus. He also said that our bodies heat up for a reason -- to kill the virus or bacteria causing the illness. So, by reducing the fever, we actually slow the healing process. Fevers, he told me, aren't dangerous until around 105 or 106 and that's because dehydration is setting in. Obviously check with your pediatrician but I did want to pass that on.

What are your kids like when they're sick? Is there something they like to watch or eat? Are they sad little critters or do they even notice they're sick?


  1. Ugh, I hear you. Not to mention the knowledge that there is a 95% chance you will soon come down with the same bug!

    Last time Peanut was sick, it was the lethargy thing, which is hard for me to see since she's usually bouncing off the walls. I do know that about fever ... if it's low grade, I'll let it ride, but if it seems like it's really making her miserable I give her meds. That's my mommy compromise!

  2. I should be completely honest and tell you that I was all about giving Monster some Tylenol but he refused to take it. So, that's the real story of how it all went down.