Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happiest Memories

Yesterday my dear cousin and I were gchatting and she reduced me to tears by sending me this link and encouraging me to watch it (and I'm glad she did!)

It got us talking about our happiest memories (many of which included each other). Inevitably, our conversation came 'round to our sons and how watching them out in the world are some of our happiest memories. Seeing my son hug her son for the first time nearly reduced me to tears.

Fast forward to this morning as I was taking Monster to the babysitter's. He started saying goodbye to me right as we were getting out of the car. But he did something entirely new today. He said, "Hug, mama," and he squeezed me and held onto me the whole walk up the driveway.

Just wanted to share one of my happiest memories with y'all.

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