Thursday, July 14, 2011

Private Parts

Monster is becoming fascinated with body parts and bodily functions. A couple of weeks ago we were playing Name That Body Part and when I pointed at his little bottom, he exclaimed, "Poop!" Not quite right but I’m impressed that he’s made that connection. I did let him know that it’s called a ‘bum.’ But this leads me to wonder, "what are we going to call private parts?"

I’m very much like an adolescent boy. I giggle whenever anyone says balls or fish tacos. I’m giggling right now just typing those words. I wish it ended there but there’s something about small children using the proper names for private parts that sends me to fits.

Lately Monster has been pointing at my privates and saying, “Poop,” and it’s making me self conscious and quite frankly it hurts my feelings. But I don’t have a word in mind to transition him to.

Now that potty training has started, parts are going to have to be named and I’m taking suggestions.


  1. I have been mulling over the exact same question, albeit for girl parts. Do I tell her to call it by a cutesy name or the overly techical-sounding v-word? :) Won't that sound weird coming out of a 2-year-old's mouth?

    I think your situation will likely be more problematic than mine, since boys enjoy discussing and referencing their private parts with a frequency and glee absent in most females.

  2. I have many friends whose daughters call it their front butt. I mean, if you're looking for suggestions.