Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift . . . If I can wait until then

I am not good with surprises. This is why I like to do my Christmas shopping at the very last minute. I get so excited about the gifts that I want to give them to people right away.

I am not one of those romantic-types. I think that stuff is mostly corny and it makes me uncomfortable but I do love Valentine's Day. I think of it as a little kid holiday though. I love sending Monster to daycare with his little stack of cards for his friends. I love making (and eating) heart-shaped food.

This year, due to Monster's love of Muppets, I got him this:

But it's so cute, I'm not sure I can wait the almost two weeks to give it to him. The Ex says to just give him the Kermit already as he won't really understand what Valentine's Day is anyway. I'm tempted. Very very tempted.


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  1. Well, Peanut already *found* one of her V-Day gifts (a light-up frog for the bathtub) as it spilled out from the bag kept under my bed.

    I understand, though. It's hard sitting on awesome presents. I've been sitting on a fantastic Mrs. Potato Head set (35 accessories!) that we'll give Peanut when she gives up her nuks to The Nukie Fairy (hopefully soon).